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Get a digital copy so the entire family can enjoy shared memories, recipes and more!


Looking for an affordable way to digitize your old photos? The Digital Convert is the answer! Let's face it. You have thousands of photos at home. Few people ever see them. Your grandkids likely can't tell a cousin from a tadpole.

The Digital Convert scans photos AND albums fast and cost-effectively. We'll put everything on a flash drive for easy home viewing or for uploading to the web to share with family and friends. Now your entire family can have access to your photos, family tree, family history, recipes and more!

Why Choose The Digital Convert?
Photos NEVER sent to a remote site
Got Albums? No Prep Required.
Expert touch-up of faded and tinted photos available
Before & After Touchup Samples

Unlike many competitors using basic, one-size-fits-all tools like Kodak Perfect Touch, where requested, we personally determine the best correction settings for your photos. While many automated solutions can offer great results for some images, they harm others with excessive contrast- blowing out the light areas, and over-darkening others.

We use advanced tools in Adobe Photoshop to achieve amazing results - correcting color, removing dust particles and sharpening your images. Click to view our gallery to see for yourself!

Get Started!

Submit our order form online and enclose your email confirmation in your shipping box. Or swing by during walk-in hours. For custom organization, place an index card within your stack of photos with the desired title before each grouping.

It is not necessary to organize your photos by size, however they should be neatly stacked (all photos face up) and clean - no moldy boxes please! Polaroid photos and wallet-size or smaller pictures should preferably be separate from other photos.

What NOT to do:

DO NOT stick Post-Its or any loose items to the backs of photos or on documents. Write on the back with a pencil.

DO NOT write notes on photos with anything but permanent ink or pencil! It WILL transfer onto other photos in your stack.

DO NOT attempt to pull sticky photos from albums. Leave them in place to be scanned with a flatbed and cropped digitally.

Photo Print Scanning (300 DPI)
200 - 1,500 25¢/ea
1,500 - 3000 Bulk Discount 10% off
3000+ Bulk Discount 15% off
Photoshop Batch Retouching to Correct Faded / Tinted Photos including Dust Correction, Sharpening Estimated 15 - 30 cents/ea additional (depending on how much is needed
Advanced Photoshop Editing Estimated 25 cents/ea additional
Advanced editing means we'll spend extra time (up to an hour per 500 photos) making custom corrections that would not otherwise be done using our batch retouching service - for example custom color correction, fixing tears and blemishes etc
Small Jobs    
1 - 50   45¢/ea
50 - 200   35¢/ea
Discounts apply only to high-speed scanning
For nonstandard items contact for pricing
$10 minimum applies to all orders
Scan Options
600 DPI (High-Speed) +10¢/ea
600 DPI (Flatbed) See Order Form
Flatbeds are used for inflexible, fragile and
other items that simply cannot be sheetfed
Restoration / Editing
Call for quote
Superior slide quality with the convenience of digital

Slides were always a great way to enjoy the richness of film, but you had to sacrifice the convenience of prints. You probably haven't pulled out that projector in years! Once digitized, you'll have the best of both worlds - great images that are easy for all to enjoy.

Each slide will be cleaned physically and digitally, and color corrected as needed. Those family legends will no longer be mere hazy tales of a time far gone, but vivid memories that will capture your grandkids' imaginations and interest. So clear out those closets of carousels! Get some more clothes, toys for the kids or just enjoy a little more space. We'll create custom folders for each roll/carousel, scan them all in order and return them on disc or USB.

Before & After Touchup Samples

(If you cannot see the embedded slideshow, click to view our gallery).

35mm Slide Scanning
1,500 DPI (4x6 reprints) Call
2,400 DPI (8x10 reprints) Call
110/126 Slides Call
Sharp images | Easy to share

While you'll get great images from scanned prints, they'll be even sharper and more vibrant from the original film itself. Not to mention, you won't have to worry about duplicates since there's only one original. No matter the project, we have a scanning solution for you - from standard family-size 1200x1800 images to 8000DPI Hasselblad scans for the most discerning professional. Call your local Chicago scanning experts!

Are negatives always better?

If your negatives were preserved well, they're definitely the way to go. Images from film will be more crisp and provide more detail for editing such as lightening up a dark photo. If your negatives were very scratched up or discolored, go with the prints if they're in better shape. If all your prints and negatives are mixed up, it may be a better idea to go with the prints to ensure you don't miss anything important. You probably kept the prints you cared most about. Or of course you can do it all to be on the safe side.

Before & After Touchup Samples

(If you cannot see the embedded slideshow, click to view our gallery).

Positive / Negative Film Scanning
35mm or APS
1,200 DPI (4x6 reprints) 39¢/ea
2,000 DPI (8x10 reprints) 55¢/ea
Includes Digital ICE Scratch and Dust Correction!
Professional 35mm Options
5,000 DPI (Noritsu HS-1800) $1.25/ea
Max Quality (Hasselblad X5) $18/ea
Medium/Large Format Options
1200x1800 pixels (Epson V700) $1.25/$2.00
2000x3000 pixels (Epson V700) $1.75/$3.50
Pro 120mm (Cut/Roll) (Noritsu) $4.00/ea
Max Quality (Hasselblad X5) $18/ea

Whether pasted to construction paper, mounted with decorative corners, behind cellophane or in neat pockets, we'll get your albums digitized and ready for sharing. If the photos cannot be removed, we'll flatbed the full page. Optionally, we can separate the images digitally in Photoshop. You'll received both versions - the full page with all your notes, and the cropped and edited images for your montages and photobooks. If the photos can be removed, they'll be slipped out and [optionally] replaced all while keeping their original order.


If the backs of your photos are really sticky, it's best to keep them in the album rather than risk tearing them by pulling them out and getting them stuck to one another. Also, if your pictures all stick together, they'll be more difficult to scan safely and efficiently.

Albums can vary significantly in terms of time required for scanning. Variables such as size of the album pages, whether plastic is to be removed, whether the pages are shedding fibers and require cleaning, whether the photos adhere well or are falling out, if and how the album is bound all affect the time required for scanning. Where conditions present such that additional labor is required, the pricing may revert to our current hourly rate. In addition to dedicated photo scanners, we do also have a large overhead scanner which may be an option for certain projects which would be quicker and may save cost.

8.5x11 Unbound
300DPI 1.50¢/pg
600DPI $2.00¢/pg
11x17 Unbound
300DPI $2.00¢/pg
600DPI $3.00/pg
Pages may be slightly larger as long as the photo area easily fits these constraints
Digital Crop from Album Page
Additional 29¢/ea (optional)
Crooked or oddly shaped images (cut with scissors) may increase cost for cropping

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